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Unisex Oversized ‘Ard Al Kheir’ Sweatshirt


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Our oversized white sweatshirt is crafted from 100% natural cotton with an orange print of our icon on the front and a black and white ‘Tabag’ with Arabic writing in orange which reads ‘Ard Al Kheir’ on the back. ‘Ard Al Kheir’ translates to the ‘Land of Good’ which comes from a famous Sudanese song better known as ‘I am African, I am Sudanese’ written by the famous Alsir Gador, one of Sudan’s prolific and famed songwriters. ‘Tabag’ also known as ‘Tobag’ is a famous Sudanese woven artwork mainly made of natural materials like palm leaves or straw. Tabag holds a cultural significance in Sudanese society. They are usually made by Sudanese women which reflects on their creativity and craftsmanship. This sweatshirt provides a roomy and relaxed fit that drapes comfortably over the body.