We are thrilled to announce our latest venture, where Kultrshop proudly sponsored the intro video for Soulja’s album “Dejavu” and his “Carriby” music video. This project marks a significant opportunity for Kultrshop as we had the honor of fully sponsoring these two projects. 

Throughout this collaboration, we had the privilege of styling Soulja in some of our iconic pieces, including a pink linen co-ord with the time circle icon and an eye in the middle, symbolizing “Dejavu”. This was inspired by our Kultr collection FTK Vol 1.0

Notably, one of the scenes features Soulja in a green t-shirt from the same FTK Vol.1 collection, showcasing the iconic cultural Sudanese woman dressed in our traditional “toub” and an old Sudanese 1 pound coin with the Meroe Pyramids as a frame. We look forward to sharing more exciting projects and collaborations in the future.